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Летнее чтение

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Animal Stories

Witty Tales

Moral Stories

Humorous Stories

 Zen Tales

Raman Stories

Mulla Stories

Aesop’s fables

Jataka Tales

Birbal Stories

 Modern Stories



Stories from around the World

Mythological Stories



Other Stories 


 Advising A Fool

 Foolish Imitation

 The Hospitality of The Pigeon

 The Arrogant Swans

 The Bonded Donkey

 The Bone in Throat

 The Brahmin and His Enemies

  Bad Temper

 The Curse of The Bullock

 The Clever Crow

 The Clever Bull

 The Clever Fox

 The Cunning Bats

 The Dangerous Helper

 The Donkey and The Cotton

 The Donkey and The Dog

 The Donkey and The Horse

 The Foolish Fish

 The Fragrance

 The Golden Egg

 The Golden Swan

 The Greedy Dog

 The Holy Snake

 The Ignorant Man

 The Iron Box

 The Judge Monkey

 The Lamb and The Wolf

 The Magic Pot

 The Monkey and The Juggler

 The Naughty Lamb

 The Palace and The Hut

 The Perfect Palace

 The Pigeon and The Bad Crows

 The Prince and The Snake

 The Rightful Owner

 The Selfish Crows


 The Stag and His Reflection

 The Stubborn Hunter

 The Trees and The Lions

 The Ugly Tree

 The Ungrateful Lion

 A Father learns A Lesson from His Son

 A Wise Deer and A Cowardly Tiger

 Children are Wiser than Elders

 Eureka! Eureka!

 Louis Pasteur


 Reward for Bravery

 The Story of the Prodigal Son

 The Three Questions

 Three Simple Rules


 Fair Shares

 Good Company and Bad Company

 The Death of A Man Eater




Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jeff Kinney: Pre-intermediate

Charlie and the chocolate factory, by Roald Dahl: Advanced

Robin Hood, by Sally M. Stockton: Pre-Intermediate

The Little Prince,  by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: Intermediate

Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover, by Ally Carter: Intermediate

I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You, by Ally Carter: Intermediate

Animal Farm, by George Orwell: Advanced

The Diary of a Young Girl, by Anne Frank: Intermediat


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